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Reading Glasses for Women and for Men
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I See U Glasses
Non Prescription
Reading Glasses
Las Cruces, New Mexico

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within the 50 States and US Territories.

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Stylish Reading Glasses Online

for Men and Women

Non-prescription bifocal lenses:
clear, safety, sun, polarized sunglasses

Non prescription full lenses:
clear and sunglasses

Frame styles available: 
crystal, cutting edge, flexible, folding. Plus:  
aviator, oversized, rimless, saddle bridge and wrap around

fit over RX frames,
eyeglass chains / lanyards / necklaces

Are you looking to purchase glasses for reading? Will you need low power reading glasses? High power reading glasses? Or eyeglasses somewhere in between? We are confident that you will find the perfect pair of quality frames, right here.

Magnification power: we carry +0.50 through +6.00. (Not all styles are available in all powers.)

Some of our frames are even available with no power, or in +0.00 strength. Keep the frame you like, even when it is time for RX lenses.

Our non prescription readers come from the leaders in Fashion Reading Eyeglasses and Reading Sunglasses. We have a wide selection. You can choose from many styles, colors and price points.

Our styles include bifocal lenses in:


SUNGLASSES in both BIFOCAL and FULL lens styles.

We carry the following eyeglass frame styles:

CRYSTAL by Swarovski and Dazzle - for your inner rhinestone cowgirl.

CUTTING EDGE have lenses that can be changed from non-prescription readers to prescription by your eye care professional. (Look for the phrases:  "optical quality" or "RX-able")

FLEXIBLE if you are tough on your frames, these can take it.

FOLDING for placing in your pocket, small handbag or tackle box and they make great travel glasses

SAFETY bifocal eye glasses let you focus on the details - bi focal reading safety glasses rock!

FIT OVERS These over RX sunglass frames let you use your current prescription glasses or readers underneath. Or they can be used on their own.

Eyeglass frames are the perfect fashion accessories.

Are you looking for Nerd Glasses, Cool Glasses, big Oversized Glasses or Stylish Glasses?

We carry many styles at reasonable price points. That means you could have multiple pair:

- you will need a pair in your "grab & go bag" that you take to school and sporting events - because as soon as you don't, your child's/grandchild's name will be in the program

- a pair of cheaters in your desk drawer and car glove compartment

- another pair of bifocals for fishing that are kept in the tackle box

- don't forget the reading safety glasses by the table saw to help you cut once (after you have measured twice)

Ladies, you might need:

- one with a rotating/swivel lens in your overnight case or in the make-up bag you take to the gym

- a folding pair of readers glasses to keep in that tiny evening bag you only use three times a year. Why? Because the pockets of your date's jacket are not your personal depository

Do YOU need cheaters?
Purchase your reading eyeglasses online from
I See U Glasses

Lens strength from +0.50 to +6.00

Stylish readers for women and for men

Free Shipping via USPS First Class Mail

Reading Eyeglasses Online - Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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