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Eyeglasses frames are the perfect fashion accessories.

What style are you looking for: Nerd, Cool, Big or Oversized, Fashion Forward?

We carry many styles at reasonable price points. That means you can indulge by having multiple pair:

- you will need a pair in your "grab & go bag" that you take to school and sporting events - because as soon as you don't, your child or grandchild's name will be in the program

- a pair of cheaters in your desk drawer and car glove compartment

- another pair of bifocals for fishing that are kept in the tackle box

- don't forget the reading safety glasses by the table saw to help you cut once (after you have measured twice)

Ladies, you might need other styles, such as:

- one with a single rotating/swivel lens in your overnight case or in the make-up bag you take to the gym

- a pair of folding frames to keep in that tiny evening bag you only use three times a year. Why? Because the pockets of your date's jacket are not your personal depository

Do YOU need cheaters?
Purchase your reading eyeglasses online now.

Lens Strength from +0.50 to +6.00

Stylish Frames for Women and for Men

Eyeglasses for Reading - Las Cruces, New Mexico

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