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Women's Reading Glasses with Crystals
Be red carpet ready!

SwarovskiTM Crystals from Dazzles and other "eyeglasses with bling" for you to choose from.

Crystal eyeglass frames are available in several colors. You can coordinate with your swimsuit, favorite outfit, ski jacket or even your car. Many of these stylish frames also come with a matching case.

Reading eyeglasses with bling let you look your best by the pool, at the beach, on the slopes or behind the wheel. Our rhinestone readers let you shine! Readers with crystals or rhinestones rock!

For your consideration, we have several eyeglass frames with crystals - shown both here and in the SUNGLASSES - FULL LENS readers category.

Award season or not, our crystal and rhinestone reading glasses frames sparkle to make you feel like a movie star.

With a touch of 'bling' on your stylish frames, the winner is . . . YOU!

Crystal Reading Glasses Online
Pretty Reading Glasses

Lens Description:

F = full lens

Crystal Eyeglass Frames

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727S in Black (F)727S in Black (F)
727S in Green (F)727S in Green (F)
727S in Pink (F)727S in Pink (F)
8239 in Caramel (F)8239 in Caramel (F)
824 in Black (F)824 in Black (F)
824 in Gold (F)824 in Gold (F)
824 in Red (F)824 in Red (F)
825 in Black (F)825 in Black (F)
825 in Red (F)825 in Red (F)
825 in Tortoise (F)825 in Tortoise (F)
827 in Ebony (F)827 in Ebony (F)
827 in Nutmeg (F)827 in Nutmeg (F)
827 in Tortoise (F)827 in Tortoise (F)
834 in Saddle (F)834 in Saddle (F)
834 Sunset (F)834 Sunset (F)
836 in Black (F)836 in Black (F)
836 in Brown (F)836 in Brown (F)
836 in Red (F)836 in Red (F)
837 in Metallic Copper (F)837 in Metallic Copper (F)
837 in Metallic Green (F)837 in Metallic Green (F)
837 in Metallic Purple (F)837 in Metallic Purple (F)
837 in Metallic Wine (F)837 in Metallic Wine (F)
847 in Blue (F)847 in Blue (F)
847 in Nutmeg (F)847 in Nutmeg (F)
847 in Red (F)847 in Red (F)
848 in Beige (F)848 in Beige (F)
848 in Purple (F)848 in Purple (F)
848 in Tortoise (F)848 in Tortoise (F)
853 in Cocoa (F)853 in Cocoa (F)
853 in Oreo (F)853 in Oreo (F)
Dazzle 3 in Black (F)Dazzle 3 in Black (F)
Dazzle 3 in Cabernet (F)Dazzle 3 in Cabernet (F)
Dazzle 3 in Tortoise (F)Dazzle 3 in Tortoise (F)
Dazzle 4 in Floral (F)Dazzle 4 in Floral (F)
Dazzle 4 in Roses (F)Dazzle 4 in Roses (F)
Dazzle 7 in Black (F)Dazzle 7 in Black (F)
Dazzle 7 in Brown (F)Dazzle 7 in Brown (F)
Dazzle 7 in Green (F)Dazzle 7 in Green (F)
Dazzle 7 in Red (F)Dazzle 7 in Red (F)
Rhinestone Reading Glasses Frames
Reading Eyeglasses with Bling!
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