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Bifocal Sunglass Reading Glasses
Sunglasses with Bifocals

No more swapping out frames. Stop taking your sunglasses off to put your reading glasses on. Sunglasses with bifocal lenses are for you!

Enjoy UV protection from the sun, plus you can read too. Tinted bifocals are magnified only on the lower portion of the lens. Bifocal sunglasses are just what you need for viewing your phone or signing your score card. Better vision and UV protection all in one.

Sunglasses with bifocals can be used for most outdoor activities where reading maybe involved. We have the best sunglass bifocals online, including aviator and a few designer sunnies.

Our bifocal sun readers are available in many styles. You will find magnifying sunglasses with crystals or rimless. We even have aviator sunglasses. Most of our bifocal sunglass reading glasses have a case included.

Be sure to visit our Polarized - Bifocals page.

Reading Bifocal Sunglasses


strength of reading glasses in powers

+1.00 to +4.00

Lens Descriptions:

BF = bifocal  /  G = gradient tint  /  S = safety  /  T = tinted

Sunglasses with Bifocals | Bifocal Sunglasses Readers

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202-BF in Black Amber (BF/S/T)202-BF in Black Amber (BF/S/T)
202-BF in Black Grey (BF/S/T)202-BF in Black Grey (BF/S/T)
202-BF in Tortoise Amber (BF/S/T)202-BF in Tortoise Amber (BF/S/T)
207-BF in Black Copper XL (BF/S/T)207-BF in Black Copper XL (BF/S/T)
207-BF in Black Grey XL (BF/S/T)207-BF in Black Grey XL (BF/S/T)
207-BF in Tortoise Amber XL (BF/S/T)207-BF in Tortoise Amber XL (BF/S/T)
432 in Black (BF/T)432 in Black (BF/T)
432 in Brown (BF/T)432 in Brown (BF/T)
432 in Gold Tortoise (BF/T)432 in Gold Tortoise (BF/T)
432 in Pink (BF/T)432 in Pink (BF/T)
4370-SB in Burgundy (BF/T)4370-SB in Burgundy (BF/T)
4370-SB in Grey (BF/T)4370-SB in Grey (BF/T)
4370-SB in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)4370-SB in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)
4373-SB in Black (BF/T)4373-SB in Black (BF/T)
4373-SB in Tortoise Blue (BF/T)4373-SB in Tortoise Blue (BF/T)
4373-SB in Tortoise Pink (BF/T)4373-SB in Tortoise Pink (BF/T)
47-BF in Black Grey (BF/T)47-BF in Black Grey (BF/T)
47-BF in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)47-BF in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)
48-BF in Black Grey (BF/S/T)48-BF in Black Grey (BF/S/T)
48-BF in Pink Grey (BF/S/T)48-BF in Pink Grey (BF/S/T)
48-BF in Tortoise Amber (BF/S/T)48-BF in Tortoise Amber (BF/S/T)
514-SB in Black (BF/T)514-SB in Black (BF/T)
514-SB in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)514-SB in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)
643 in Black (BF/T)643 in Black (BF/T)
643 in Brown (BF/T)643 in Brown (BF/T)
643 in Red (BF/T)643 in Red (BF/T)
644-SB in Caramel (BF/T)644-SB in Caramel (BF/T)
644-SB in Green (BF/T)644-SB in Green (BF/T)
644-SB in Honey (BF/T)644-SB in Honey (BF/T)
645-SB in Amber (BF/T)645-SB in Amber (BF/T)
645-SB in Black Purple (BF/T)645-SB in Black Purple (BF/T)
645-SB Red Tortoise Shell (BF/T)645-SB Red Tortoise Shell (BF/T)
720-SB in Ebony (BF/T)720-SB in Ebony (BF/T)
720-SB in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)720-SB in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)
721-SB in Ebony (BF/T)721-SB in Ebony (BF/T)
721-SB in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)721-SB in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)
828 in Black Orange (BF/T)828 in Black Orange (BF/T)
828 in Onyx (BF/T)828 in Onyx (BF/T)
828 in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)828 in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)
829 in Black White (BF/T)829 in Black White (BF/T)
829 in Pearl (BF/T)829 in Pearl (BF/T)
829 in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)829 in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)
830 in Black (BF/T)830 in Black (BF/T)
830 in Pearl (BF/T)830 in Pearl (BF/T)
830 in Wine (BF/T)830 in Wine (BF/T)
8901 in Black (BF/S/T)8901 in Black (BF/S/T)
8901 in Grey (BF/S/T)8901 in Grey (BF/S/T)
8996 in Black Grey XL(BF/S/T)8996 in Black Grey XL(BF/S/T)
91348 in Black Copper  (BF/S/T)91348 in Black Copper (BF/S/T)
91348 in Black Smoke (B/S/T)91348 in Black Smoke (B/S/T)
91348 in Black Yellow (BF/S/T)91348 in Black Yellow (BF/S/T)
Reading Bifocal Sunglasses offer UV Protection

Bifocal Sunglasses for Men and
Bifocal Sunglasses for Women

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