Eyeglass Holders Around the Neck | Fabric Cases

Eyeglass Chain & Glasses Case

Never misplace your glasses again!

Lanyards, Chains, Holders, Minders, Necklaces, Retainers

Whatever you call them, we have a selection for your needs!
  • Glasses retainers are made with wood, stone, silver, gold, base metal.  Crystal, glass or rhinestone
    beads, steel and rubber.
  • Some even have a leather strap along the back to cradle your neck in comfort
  • Look for more unique styles as they become available

Cloth Eyeglass Cases 

  • Handmade, soft fabric cases that are lined and lightly padded to protect your lenses
  • Microfiber pouches that are also cleaning cloths. Plus, they can be used for earbuds, as a phone case, for make-up, etc.
  • Felt cases for readers

Eyeglass Accessories | Glasses Retainers
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22-A in Fuchsia Yellow22-A in Fuchsia Yellow
22-A in Purple Crystal22-A in Purple Crystal
22-B in Pink Navy22-B in Pink Navy
22.5-A in Iridescent Blue Purple22.5-A in Iridescent Blue Purple
23-A in White Red23-A in White Red
23-A in Yellow Black White23-A in Yellow Black White
23-B in Red Green23-B in Red Green
23-C in Blue Clear23-C in Blue Clear
23-C in Gold Spheres23-C in Gold Spheres
23.5-A in Beige Green23.5-A in Beige Green
24-A in Glitter Ball24-A in Glitter Ball
24-B in Coral Black24-B in Coral Black
24.5-A in Turquoise Red24.5-A in Turquoise Red
24.5-B in Shades of Black24.5-B in Shades of Black
24.5-C in Shades of Blue24.5-C in Shades of Blue
24.5-D in Shades of Brown24.5-D in Shades of Brown
24.5-E in Shades of Gold24.5-E in Shades of Gold
24.5-L in This 'n That24.5-L in This 'n That
24.5-M in Mix-Up24.5-M in Mix-Up
25-A in Cube Pink Yellow25-A in Cube Pink Yellow
25-B in Flowers on Glass25-B in Flowers on Glass
26-A in Pink Charm26-A in Pink Charm
26-B in Blue Silver26-B in Blue Silver
26-C in Shells26-C in Shells
26-D in Glass Rounds26-D in Glass Rounds
26.5-A in Pastel Silver26.5-A in Pastel Silver
26.5-B in Variety26.5-B in Variety
26.5-C in Lavender Navy26.5-C in Lavender Navy
26.5-D in Orange Amber26.5-D in Orange Amber
26.5-E in Brown Iridescent26.5-E in Brown Iridescent
27-A in Hearts Starburst27-A in Hearts Starburst
27-B in Turquoise Silver27-B in Turquoise Silver
27-C in Golden Crystal27-C in Golden Crystal
27-D in White Glass Hearts27-D in White Glass Hearts
27-I in Pumpkins27-I in Pumpkins
27.5-A in Navy Pearl27.5-A in Navy Pearl
27.5-B in Tube Hearts27.5-B in Tube Hearts
27.5-C in Blue Silver27.5-C in Blue Silver
28-A in Clear White28-A in Clear White
28-B in Blue Heart28-B in Blue Heart
28.5-A in Filagree28.5-A in Filagree
29-A in Iridescent Rectangles29-A in Iridescent Rectangles
29-B in Mille29-B in Mille
29.5-A in Glass Blue Flowers29.5-A in Glass Blue Flowers
29.5-B in Jade29.5-B in Jade
30-A in Green Rounds30-A in Green Rounds
31-A in Glass & Crystal31-A in Glass & Crystal
31.5-A in Polka Dots31.5-A in Polka Dots
31.5-B in Swirl Blues31.5-B in Swirl Blues
32-A in Green Agate32-A in Green Agate
Braided Leather in BlackBraided Leather in Black
Braided Leather in BrownBraided Leather in Brown
Braided Leather in GreyBraided Leather in Grey
Braided Leather in RedBraided Leather in Red
Metal LoopsMetal Loops
Pearl and GoldPearl and Gold
Pearl and SilverPearl and Silver
Thompson in VariousThompson in Various
Beaded Lanyards for Glasses | ID Holders
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