Eyeglass Holders Around the Neck | Fabric Cases

Eyeglass Chain & Glasses Case

Never misplace your glasses again!

Lanyards, Chains, Holders, Minders, Necklaces, Retainers

Whatever you call them, we have a selection for your needs!
  • Glasses retainers are made with wood, stone, silver, gold, base metal.  Crystal, glass or rhinestone beads, steel and rubber.
  • Some even have a leather strap along the back to cradle your neck in comfort.
  • Look for more unique styles as they become available.

Cloth Eyeglass Cases / Cell Phone Holders

  • Handmade, soft fabric cases that are lined and lightly padded to protect your lenses.
  • Microfiber pouches that are also cleaning cloths. Plus, they can be used for earbuds, as a phone case, for make-up, etc.
  • Felt cases for readers.
  • Place your cell phone in one of our soft fabric cases. You will be able to spot it easily within your briefcase, tote or purse.

Eyeglass Accessories | Glasses Retainers (number denotes length)
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22-A in Fuchsia Yellow22-A in Fuchsia Yellow
22-B in Pink Navy22-B in Pink Navy
22.5-A in Iridescent Blue Purple22.5-A in Iridescent Blue Purple
23-A in White Red23-A in White Red
23-A in Yellow Black White23-A in Yellow Black White
23-B in Blue Tear Drop23-B in Blue Tear Drop
23-B in Red Green23-B in Red Green
23-C in Blue Clear23-C in Blue Clear
23-C in Gold Spheres23-C in Gold Spheres
23-D in Amber Beige23-D in Amber Beige
23-E in Blue X Four23-E in Blue X Four
23.5-A in Beige Green23.5-A in Beige Green
24-A in Glitter Ball24-A in Glitter Ball
24-B in Coral Black24-B in Coral Black
24.5-A in Turquoise Red24.5-A in Turquoise Red
24.5-C in Shades of Blue24.5-C in Shades of Blue
24.5-E in Shades of Gold24.5-E in Shades of Gold
24.5-F in Shades of Green24.5-F in Shades of Green
24.5-G in Shades of Pink24.5-G in Shades of Pink
24.5-H in Shades of Purple24.5-H in Shades of Purple
24.5-I in Shades of Red24.5-I in Shades of Red
24.5-J in Shades of Silver Grey24.5-J in Shades of Silver Grey
24.5-K in Shades of White24.5-K in Shades of White
24.5-L in This 'n That24.5-L in This 'n That
24.5-M in Mix-Up24.5-M in Mix-Up
25-A in Cube Pink Yellow25-A in Cube Pink Yellow
25-B in Flowers on Glass25-B in Flowers on Glass
25-C in Pink Black25-C in Pink Black
25-D in Lavender Green Blue25-D in Lavender Green Blue
25-E in Pink Oval25-E in Pink Oval
25.5-A in Pink Rounds25.5-A in Pink Rounds
26-A in Pink Charm26-A in Pink Charm
26-B in Blue Silver26-B in Blue Silver
26-C in Shells26-C in Shells
26-D in Glass Rounds26-D in Glass Rounds
26-E in Light Blue26-E in Light Blue
26-F in Multi Matte26-F in Multi Matte
26-G in Blue Cobalt26-G in Blue Cobalt
26-H in Dark Purple26-H in Dark Purple
26-I in Gunmetal Grey26-I in Gunmetal Grey
26.5-A in Pastel Silver26.5-A in Pastel Silver
26.5-B in Variety26.5-B in Variety
26.5-C in Lavender Navy26.5-C in Lavender Navy
26.5-D in Orange Amber26.5-D in Orange Amber
26.5-E in Brown Iridescent26.5-E in Brown Iridescent
27-A in Hearts Starburst27-A in Hearts Starburst
27-B in Turquoise Silver27-B in Turquoise Silver
27-C in Golden Crystal27-C in Golden Crystal
27-D in White Glass Hearts27-D in White Glass Hearts
27-F in Red Pink27-F in Red Pink
27-G in Silver Tears27-G in Silver Tears
27-H in Blue Stone27-H in Blue Stone
27-I in Pumpkins27-I in Pumpkins
27.5-A in Navy Pearl27.5-A in Navy Pearl
27.5-B in Tube Hearts27.5-B in Tube Hearts
27.5-C in Blue Silver27.5-C in Blue Silver
28-A in Clear White28-A in Clear White
28-B in Blue Heart28-B in Blue Heart
28.5-A in Filagree28.5-A in Filagree
29-A in Iridescent Rectangles29-A in Iridescent Rectangles
29-B in Mille29-B in Mille
29.5-A in Glass Blue Flowers29.5-A in Glass Blue Flowers
29.5-B in Jade29.5-B in Jade
29.5-C in Rainbow29.5-C in Rainbow
30-A in Green Rounds30-A in Green Rounds
31-A in Glass & Crystal31-A in Glass & Crystal
31.5-A in Polka Dots31.5-A in Polka Dots
31.5-B in Swirl Blues31.5-B in Swirl Blues
32-A in Green Agate32-A in Green Agate
32.5-A in Teal Glass Flowers32.5-A in Teal Glass Flowers
Beaded Lanyards for Glasses or ID Holders
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