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frame: aviator, rimless, oversized, saddle bridge

Flexible - FRAMES
Flexible Reading Glasses - Flexies by Calabria

Flexible Eyeglass Frames - Flexible Reading Glasses - Lightweight Glasses

Flexible frames in various colors.

Flexible Reading Glasses

If you bend these flexible eyeglass frames or twist them, they will return to their original shape. They are much like a comic book character - virtually indestructible.

The frames of these patented lightweight glasses are manufactured of pure TR-90 Grilamid from Switzerland. This polymer is very flexible, lightweight and heat resistant - thus providing you with quality reading glasses that bounce back.

Flexies brand lightweight reading glasses are also available in several tinted lens styles and in two clear bifocal lenses.


BF = bifocal lens  /  F = full lens  /  T = tinted

Flexible Reading Glasses | Lightweight Reading Glasses

Flexible frame reading glasses from Flexies by Calabria
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21040 in Blue XL (F)
21040 in Gun Metal XL (F)
21040 in Orange XL (F)
21040 in Red XL (F)
714 in Charcoal (F)
714 in Cobalt (F)
714 in Ice (F)
714 in Root Beer (F)
714 in Violet (F)
715 in Celery (F)
715 in Ebony (F)
715 in Fuschia (F)
715 in Red (F)
715 in Tangerine (F)
717 in Ice (F/T)
717 in Root Beer (F/T)
718 in Ebony (F)
718 in Fuschia (F)
718 in Multicolor (F)
718 in Red (F)
718 in Tortoise Shell (F)
718 in Violet (F)
719 in Ebony (F)
719 in Fuchsia (F)
719 in Multicolor (F)
719 in Red (F)
719 in Tortoise Shell (F)
719 in Violet (F)
720 in Ebony (F)
720 in Tortoise Shell (F)
720-CB in Ebony (BF)
720-CB in Tortoise Shell (BF)
720-SB in Ebony (BF/T)
720-SB in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)
720-T in Ebony (F/T)
720-T in Tortoise Shell (F/T)
721 in Ebony (F)
721 in Tortoise Shell (F)
721-SB in Ebony (BF/T)
721-SB in Tortoise Shell (BF/T)
723 Black Brown (F)
723 Black Grey (F)
723 in Black Red (F)
723-T in Black Brown (F/T)
723-T in Black Grey (F/T)
723-T in Black Red (F/T)
845 in Black (F)
845 in Brown (F)
845 in Gun Metal (F)

Lightweight, Flexible Reading Glasses - Flexies by Calabria

TR-90:  Unbreakable, Bendable, Indestructible, Twistable

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