Flexible Reading Glasses | Grilamid TR 90 Frames

Flexible Reading Glasses | Lightweight Flexible Readers

Our Best Sellers

Lightweight eyeglass frames that bounce back. Eyeglass frames - made of Grilamid TR90 are also hypoallergenic.

Styles include:

  • Compact 1 and Compact 2 - Pivoting Folding Temples  Made in Italy, the patented temple both rotates and flexes. Compact 1 is more rectangle while Compact 2 is slightly rounded on both the top and bottom of the lens.
  • Flexies  Available in various frame styles and twelve colors. 
  • Paris - This Italian made style looks good on every face shape. Available in 5 colors
  • Shake - Subtle cat-eye style in 6 colors by Nannini.
  • Still - Clean, contemporary shape in 6 colors.
  • Quick 7.9 - Light as a Feather  Italian made spectacles in eight colors that weigh 7.9 grams / 0.278 ounces.
  • TWIST One - Folding Readers  Rotating temples fold completely flat. Made in Italy. Phasing out - limited availability.


"Our Best Sellers"

Lens Description:

C = computer  /  F = full lens  /  T = tinted

Compact 1 by Nannini  - flat folding frames

Compact 2A by Nannini  - flat folding frames

Flexies by Calabria

714 in Charcoal (F)714 in Charcoal (F)
714 in Cobalt (F)714 in Cobalt (F)
714 in Ice (F)714 in Ice (F)
714 in Root Beer (F)714 in Root Beer (F)
714 in Violet (F)714 in Violet (F)
715 in Celery (F)715 in Celery (F)
715 in Ebony (F)715 in Ebony (F)
715 in Fuschia (F)715 in Fuschia (F)
715 in Red (F)715 in Red (F)
715 in Tangerine (F)715 in Tangerine (F)
718 in Ebony (F)718 in Ebony (F)
718 in Fuschia (F)718 in Fuschia (F)
718 in Multicolor (F)718 in Multicolor (F)
718 in Red (F)718 in Red (F)
718 in Tortoise Shell (F)718 in Tortoise Shell (F)
718 in Violet (F)718 in Violet (F)
719 in Ebony (F)719 in Ebony (F)
719 in Fuchsia (F)719 in Fuchsia (F)
719 in Multicolor (F)719 in Multicolor (F)
719 in Red (F)719 in Red (F)
719 in Tortoise Shell (F)719 in Tortoise Shell (F)
719 in Violet (F)719 in Violet (F)
720 in Ebony (F)720 in Ebony (F)
720 in Tortoise Shell (F)720 in Tortoise Shell (F)
720-T in Ebony (F/T)720-T in Ebony (F/T)
720-T in Tortoise Shell (F/T)720-T in Tortoise Shell (F/T)
721 in Ebony (F)721 in Ebony (F)
721 in Tortoise Shell (F)721 in Tortoise Shell (F)
723-T in Black Brown (F/T)723-T in Black Brown (F/T)
723-T in Black Grey (F/T)723-T in Black Grey (F/T)
723-T in Black Red (F/T)723-T in Black Red (F/T)

Nuovo Paris by Nannini

Quick 7.9 by Nannini 

Shake by Nannini - cat eye style
Shake in Black (F)Shake in Black (F)
Shake in Crystal (F)Shake in Crystal (F)
Shake in Green Water (F)Shake in Green Water (F)
Shake in Red (F)Shake in Red (F)
Shake in Rose Quartz (F)Shake in Rose Quartz (F)
Shake in Yellow (F)Shake in Yellow (F)
Still by Nannini
Still in Black (F)Still in Black (F)
Still in Brown (F)Still in Brown (F)
Still in Crystal (F)Still in Crystal (F)
Still in Fuchsia (F)Still in Fuchsia (F)
Still in Green Water (F)Still in Green Water (F)
Still in Grey (F)Still in Grey (F)
Still in Red (F)Still in Red (F)
Still in Teal (F)Still in Teal (F)

Lightweight, Flexible Reading Glasses
Eyeglass Frames of Grilamid TR-90

Hypoallergenic - Heat Resistant
Flexible Readers
"Our Best Selling Reading Glasses!"
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