Contemporary | Cutting Edge | Modern Design

Ultra modern design eyeglass frames for women and men.

Contemporary Design and Cutting Edge

Our metal eyeglass frames are made out of stainless steel, aluminum or Monel - a nickel-copper alloy.

Some frames are manufactured of hand made acetate. Others have laser cut design work.

Unique, state of the art, ultra modern reading glasses.

Plus, when it comes time for you - or a family member - to need prescription lenses, shop here first:
  • Most of these state-of-the-art frames will accommodate single, bi-focal, tri-focal or progressive lenses.
  • Look for the words RX-able or Optical Quality.
  • Purchase your frames here. Then visit your local optical shop to have them fitted with YOUR specific prescription lenses.

Contemporary Design - Modern Reading Glasses

Lens Descriptions:

F = full  /  N = no power  /  T = tinted

State of the Art | Modern Design | RX-able

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21040 in Blue XL (F)21040 in Blue XL (F)
21040 in Grey XL (F)21040 in Grey XL (F)
21040 in Orange XL (F)21040 in Orange XL (F)
21040 in Red XL (F)21040 in Red XL (F)
544 in Black Tortoise (F)544 in Black Tortoise (F)
544 in Blue Tortoise (F)544 in Blue Tortoise (F)
544 in Green Black (F)544 in Green Black (F)
544 in Orange Grey (F)544 in Orange Grey (F)
544 in Orange Tortoise (F)544 in Orange Tortoise (F)
544 in Purple Tortoise (F)544 in Purple Tortoise (F)
544 in Red Black (F)544 in Red Black (F)
544 in Tortoise Black (F)544 in Tortoise Black (F)
5961 in Black Camo (F)5961 in Black Camo (F)
5961 in Bronze Camo (F)5961 in Bronze Camo (F)
5961 in Gunmetal Camo (F)5961 in Gunmetal Camo (F)
5961 in Silver Camo (F)5961 in Silver Camo (F)
6904 in Blue (F)6904 in Blue (F)
6904 in Green (F)6904 in Green (F)
6904 in Grey (F)6904 in Grey (F)
6904 in Orange (F)6904 in Orange (F)
6904 in Red (F)6904 in Red (F)
6904 in Yellow (F)6904 in Yellow (F)
762 in Black (F)762 in Black (F)
762 in Blue (F)762 in Blue (F)
762 in Brown Stripes (F)762 in Brown Stripes (F)
762 in Checks (F)762 in Checks (F)
762 in Chevron (F)762 in Chevron (F)
762 in Plaid (F)762 in Plaid (F)
8004 in Amber (F)8004 in Amber (F)
8004 in Aqua (F)8004 in Aqua (F)
8004 in Black (F)8004 in Black (F)
8004 in Blue (F)8004 in Blue (F)
8004 in Wine (F)8004 in Wine (F)
808 in Black (F)808 in Black (F)
808 in Wine (F)808 in Wine (F)
812 in Black (F)812 in Black (F)
812 in Gold (F)812 in Gold (F)
812 in Purple (F)812 in Purple (F)
813 in Brown (F)813 in Brown (F)
814 in Ebony (F)814 in Ebony (F)
814 in Indigo (F)814 in Indigo (F)
814 in Nutmeg (F)814 in Nutmeg (F)
815 in Brown (F)815 in Brown (F)
815 in Cabernet (F)815 in Cabernet (F)
815 in Ebony (F)815 in Ebony (F)
8163 in Brown Fade (F)8163 in Brown Fade (F)
8163 in Red Fade (F)8163 in Red Fade (F)
818 in Jet (F)818 in Jet (F)
819 in Black (F)819 in Black (F)
820 in Jet (F)820 in Jet (F)
820 in Merlot (F)820 in Merlot (F)
838 in Red (C/F & N)838 in Red (C/F & N)
843 in Amber (F)843 in Amber (F)
843 in Amber XL (F)843 in Amber XL (F)
843 in Black (F)843 in Black (F)
843 in Black XL (F)843 in Black XL (F)
843 in Tortoise Shell (F)843 in Tortoise Shell (F)
843 in Tortoise XL (F)843 in Tortoise XL (F)
844 in Bronze XL (F)844 in Bronze XL (F)
847 in Blue (F)847 in Blue (F)
847 in Nutmeg (F)847 in Nutmeg (F)
847 in Red (F)847 in Red (F)
851 in Black Olive (F)851 in Black Olive (F)
851 in Honey Pearl (F)851 in Honey Pearl (F)
852 in Black Stripe (F)852 in Black Stripe (F)
852 in Granite (F)852 in Granite (F)
853 in Cocoa (F)853 in Cocoa (F)
853 in Oreo (F)853 in Oreo (F)
854 in Ebony (F)854 in Ebony (F)
854 in Toasted Caramel (F)854 in Toasted Caramel (F)
857 in Red  (F)857 in Red (F)
857 in Tortoise Shell  (F)857 in Tortoise Shell (F)
857 in Wine (F)857 in Wine (F)
Bamboo 64 in Brown (F)Bamboo 64 in Brown (F)
Contour in Brown Denim (F)Contour in Brown Denim (F)
Contour in Burgundy Amber (F)Contour in Burgundy Amber (F)
Contour in Mocha Sage (F)Contour in Mocha Sage (F)
Hannah in Black Circles (F)Hannah in Black Circles (F)
Hannah in Blue Circles (F)Hannah in Blue Circles (F)
Hannah in Brown Circles (F)Hannah in Brown Circles (F)
Hannah in Pink Circles (F)Hannah in Pink Circles (F)
Highlight in Brown (F)Highlight in Brown (F)
Highlight in Grey (F)Highlight in Grey (F)
Highlight in Olive (F)Highlight in Olive (F)
Hue in Black White (F)Hue in Black White (F)
Hue in Purple Denim (F)Hue in Purple Denim (F)
Jordan in Blue Plaid (F)Jordan in Blue Plaid (F)
Jordan in Khaki Plaid (F)Jordan in Khaki Plaid (F)
Jordan in Navy Plaid (F)Jordan in Navy Plaid (F)
Jordan in Olive Plaid (F)Jordan in Olive Plaid (F)
Keyline in Black (F)Keyline in Black (F)
Keyline in Burgundy (F)Keyline in Burgundy (F)
Keyline in Violet (F)Keyline in Violet (F)
Lithograph in Black (F)Lithograph in Black (F)
Lithograph in Grey (F)Lithograph in Grey (F)
Patina in Black (F)Patina in Black (F)
Patina in Burgundy (F)Patina in Burgundy (F)
Patina in Navy (F)Patina in Navy (F)
Rococo in Black (F)Rococo in Black (F)
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