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Reader Glasses Without Prescription

Aging gives us enough wrinkles.
So, if you are squinting, stop already!

Better Eye Vision with Clear, Full Frame Lens Magnification.

Eyeglasses with full frame lenses, deliver a crisp clear image.

We have a wide selection of quality, single vision reader glasses for you that are available in varying sizes and magnifications. We are sure that you will find the right quality reader glasses at I See U Glasses.

We carry stylish frames so you can see better and look your best, too.

Single vision styles have magnification on the full lens.

NEW TO LINE:  Quick 7.9 These lightweight readers weigh only 7.9 grams. Made of Grilamid TR90, the featherlight frames are available in 8 colors.

Find a pair of non prescription readers to match your needs and fashion style. Purchase your single vision reading glasses online now.


Glasses magnification from +0.00 to +6.00.

Lens Description:

F = full lens  /  N = no power

Part 2 - Single Vision, Glasses Without Prescription
Sort By:
8034 in Black (F)8034 in Black (F)
8034 in Blue (F)8034 in Blue (F)
8034 in Red (F)8034 in Red (F)
8034 in Tortoise Shell (F)8034 in Tortoise Shell (F)
8151 in Brown (F)8151 in Brown (F)
8151 in Gold (F)8151 in Gold (F)
8151 in Gunmetal (F)8151 in Gunmetal (F)
818 in Jet (F)818 in Jet (F)
819 in Black (F)819 in Black (F)
843 in Black (F)843 in Black (F)
843 in Black XL (F)843 in Black XL (F)
843 in Tortoise Shell (F)843 in Tortoise Shell (F)
843 in Tortoise XL (F)843 in Tortoise XL (F)
850 in Oreo (F)850 in Oreo (F)
850 in Tortoise Pink (F)850 in Tortoise Pink (F)
851 in Black Olive (F)851 in Black Olive (F)
851 in Honey Pearl (F)851 in Honey Pearl (F)
854 in Ebony (F)854 in Ebony (F)
854 in Toasted Caramel (F)854 in Toasted Caramel (F)
857 in Red  (F)857 in Red (F)
857 in Tortoise Shell  (F)857 in Tortoise Shell (F)
857 in Wine (F)857 in Wine (F)
882 Clip-on in Gold (F/P)882 Clip-on in Gold (F/P)
882 Clip-on in Gunmetal (F/P)882 Clip-on in Gunmetal (F/P)
900 in Black XL  (F)900 in Black XL (F)
900 in Bronze XL (F)900 in Bronze XL (F)
9999 in Black (F)9999 in Black (F)
9999 in Gold (F)9999 in Gold (F)
9999 in Gunmetal (F)9999 in Gunmetal (F)
9999 in Silver (F)9999 in Silver (F)
Art in Blue (F)Art in Blue (F)
Art in Brown (F)Art in Brown (F)
Art in Crystal (F)Art in Crystal (F)
Art in Matt Black (F)Art in Matt Black (F)
Buddy Retro in Black (F)Buddy Retro in Black (F)
Buddy Retro in Tortoise (F)Buddy Retro in Tortoise (F)
Classic Wayfarer in Black (F)Classic Wayfarer in Black (F)
Classic Wayfarer in Tortoise (F)Classic Wayfarer in Tortoise (F)
D-1 in Bronze (F)D-1 in Bronze (F)
D-1 in Pewter (F)D-1 in Pewter (F)
D-1 in Tortoise Shell (F)D-1 in Tortoise Shell (F)
Hannah in Black Circles (F)Hannah in Black Circles (F)
Hannah in Blue Circles (F)Hannah in Blue Circles (F)
Hannah in Brown Circles (F)Hannah in Brown Circles (F)
Hannah in Pink Circles (F)Hannah in Pink Circles (F)
Jordan in Blue Plaid (F)Jordan in Blue Plaid (F)
Jordan in Khaki Plaid (F)Jordan in Khaki Plaid (F)
Jordan in Navy Plaid (F)Jordan in Navy Plaid (F)
Jordan in Olive Plaid (F)Jordan in Olive Plaid (F)
Makeup Glasses in Gold (F)Makeup Glasses in Gold (F)
Mod-N in Gold (F)Mod-N in Gold (F)
Nuovo Paris in Black (F)Nuovo Paris in Black (F)
Nuovo Paris in Crystal (F)Nuovo Paris in Crystal (F)
Nuovo Paris in Grey (F)Nuovo Paris in Grey (F)
Nuovo Paris in Matt Blue (F)Nuovo Paris in Matt Blue (F)
Nuovo Paris in Matt Tortoise (F)Nuovo Paris in Matt Tortoise (F)
Nuovo Paris in Red (F)Nuovo Paris in Red (F)
Pop in Black (F)Pop in Black (F)
Pop in Grey (F)Pop in Grey (F)
Pop in Matt Tortoise (F)Pop in Matt Tortoise (F)
Pop in Teal (F)Pop in Teal (F)
Professor in Black (F)Professor in Black (F)
Professor in Olive Green (F)Professor in Olive Green (F)
Professor in Red (F)Professor in Red (F)
Professor in Tortoise Shell (F)Professor in Tortoise Shell (F)
Quick 7.9 in Black (F)Quick 7.9 in Black (F)
Quick 7.9 in Blue (F)Quick 7.9 in Blue (F)
Quick 7.9 in Bottle Green (F)Quick 7.9 in Bottle Green (F)
Quick 7.9 in Brown (F)Quick 7.9 in Brown (F)
Quick 7.9 in Crystal (F)Quick 7.9 in Crystal (F)
Quick 7.9 in Dark Pink (F)Quick 7.9 in Dark Pink (F)
Quick 7.9 in Grey (F)Quick 7.9 in Grey (F)
Quick 7.9 in Orange (F)Quick 7.9 in Orange (F)
Quick 7.9 in Red (F)Quick 7.9 in Red (F)
Quick 7.9 in Rose Quartz (F)Quick 7.9 in Rose Quartz (F)
Quick 7.9 in Water Green (F)Quick 7.9 in Water Green (F)
Seafarer in Gloss Black (F)Seafarer in Gloss Black (F)
Seafarer in Matte Black (F)Seafarer in Matte Black (F)
Shake in Black (F)Shake in Black (F)
Shake in Crystal (F)Shake in Crystal (F)
Shake in Green Water (F)Shake in Green Water (F)
Shake in Red (F)Shake in Red (F)
Shake in Rose Quartz (F)Shake in Rose Quartz (F)
Shake in Yellow (F)Shake in Yellow (F)
Still in Black (F)Still in Black (F)
Still in Brown (F)Still in Brown (F)
Still in Crystal (F)Still in Crystal (F)
Still in Fuchsia (F)Still in Fuchsia (F)
Still in Green Water (F)Still in Green Water (F)
Still in Grey (F)Still in Grey (F)
Still in Red (F)Still in Red (F)
Still in Teal (F)Still in Teal (F)
Twist One READ in Coconut Brown (F)Twist One READ in Coconut Brown (F)
Twist One READ in Cyan Blue (F)Twist One READ in Cyan Blue (F)
Twist One READ in Flame Red (F)Twist One READ in Flame Red (F)
Twist One READ in Lilac Purple (F)Twist One READ in Lilac Purple (F)
Twist One READ in Snow White (F)Twist One READ in Snow White (F)
Twist One READ in Vegas Yellow (F)Twist One READ in Vegas Yellow (F)

Part 1 - Reader Eyeglasses with Single Vision Lenses

Sort By:
1106 in Gold XL (F)1106 in Gold XL (F)
1106 in Gunmetal XL (F)1106 in Gunmetal XL (F)
1110-C in Gold (F)1110-C in Gold (F)
1110-C in Gunmetal (F)1110-C in Gunmetal (F)
255 in Blue (F)255 in Blue (F)
255 in Fuchsia (F)255 in Fuchsia (F)
255 in Teal (F)255 in Teal (F)
421 in DarkTortoise (F)421 in DarkTortoise (F)
421 in Light Tortoise (F)421 in Light Tortoise (F)
421 in Smoke (F)421 in Smoke (F)
4371 in Black Tortoise (F)4371 in Black Tortoise (F)
4371 in Tortoise Blue (F)4371 in Tortoise Blue (F)
4371 in Tortoise Pink (F)4371 in Tortoise Pink (F)
4372 in Black Tortoise (F)4372 in Black Tortoise (F)
4372 in Tortoise Green (F)4372 in Tortoise Green (F)
4372 in Tortoise Shell (F)4372 in Tortoise Shell (F)
4376 in Brown (F)4376 in Brown (F)
4376 in Red (F)4376 in Red (F)
4376 in Wood (F)4376 in Wood (F)
445 in Brown Black (F)445 in Brown Black (F)
445 in Brown Orange (F)445 in Brown Orange (F)
445 in Dark Brown (F)445 in Dark Brown (F)
445 in Grey (F)445 in Grey (F)
4957 in Blue (F)4957 in Blue (F)
4957 in Brown (F)4957 in Brown (F)
4957 in Purple (F)4957 in Purple (F)
4957 in Red (F)4957 in Red (F)
4958 in Brown (F)4958 in Brown (F)
4958 in Olive (F)4958 in Olive (F)
4958 in Purple (F)4958 in Purple (F)
4958 in Teal (F)4958 in Teal (F)
576 in Blue Stripes (F)576 in Blue Stripes (F)
576 in Brown Stripes (F)576 in Brown Stripes (F)
576 in Green Stripes (F)576 in Green Stripes (F)
576 in Purple Stripes (F)576 in Purple Stripes (F)
5921 in Black XL (F)5921 in Black XL (F)
5921 in Tortoise Shell XL (F)5921 in Tortoise Shell XL (F)
6905 in Black (F)6905 in Black (F)
6905 in Blue (F)6905 in Blue (F)
6905 in Brown (F)6905 in Brown (F)
6905 in Tortoise Shell (F)6905 in Tortoise Shell (F)
6906 in Black (F)6906 in Black (F)
6906 in Grey Tortoise (F)6906 in Grey Tortoise (F)
6906 in Tortoise (F)6906 in Tortoise (F)
714 in Charcoal (F)714 in Charcoal (F)
714 in Cobalt (F)714 in Cobalt (F)
714 in Ice (F)714 in Ice (F)
714 in Root Beer (F)714 in Root Beer (F)
714 in Violet (F)714 in Violet (F)
715 in Celery (F)715 in Celery (F)
715 in Ebony (F)715 in Ebony (F)
715 in Fuschia (F)715 in Fuschia (F)
715 in Red (F)715 in Red (F)
715 in Tangerine (F)715 in Tangerine (F)
718 in Ebony (F)718 in Ebony (F)
718 in Fuschia (F)718 in Fuschia (F)
718 in Multicolor (F)718 in Multicolor (F)
718 in Red (F)718 in Red (F)
718 in Tortoise Shell (F)718 in Tortoise Shell (F)
718 in Violet (F)718 in Violet (F)
719 in Ebony (F)719 in Ebony (F)
719 in Fuchsia (F)719 in Fuchsia (F)
719 in Multicolor (F)719 in Multicolor (F)
719 in Red (F)719 in Red (F)
719 in Tortoise Shell (F)719 in Tortoise Shell (F)
719 in Violet (F)719 in Violet (F)
720 in Ebony (F)720 in Ebony (F)
720 in Tortoise Shell (F)720 in Tortoise Shell (F)
721 in Ebony (F)721 in Ebony (F)
721 in Tortoise Shell (F)721 in Tortoise Shell (F)
734 in Black (F)734 in Black (F)
734 in Brown (F)734 in Brown (F)
734 in Pink (F)734 in Pink (F)
734 in Red (F)734 in Red (F)
735 in Black (F)735 in Black (F)
735 in Purple (F)735 in Purple (F)
743 Circuit in Black (F)743 Circuit in Black (F)
743 Circuit in Brown (F)743 Circuit in Brown (F)
743 Plaid in Black (F)743 Plaid in Black (F)
743 Plaid in Brown (F)743 Plaid in Brown (F)
745 in Blue  (F)745 in Blue (F)
745 in Green  (F)745 in Green (F)
745 in Purple  (F)745 in Purple (F)
745 in Yellow (F)745 in Yellow (F)
753 in Gold (F)753 in Gold (F)
753 in Gold XL (F)753 in Gold XL (F)
753 in Matte Black (F)753 in Matte Black (F)
753 in Matte Black XL (F)753 in Matte Black XL (F)
753 in Silver (F)753 in Silver (F)
753 in Silver XL (F)753 in Silver XL (F)
757 in Blueberry Stripes (F)757 in Blueberry Stripes (F)
757 in Huckleberry Stripes (F)757 in Huckleberry Stripes (F)
757 in Strawberry Stripes (F)757 in Strawberry Stripes (F)
757 in Tangerine Stripes (F)757 in Tangerine Stripes (F)
759 in Blue (F)759 in Blue (F)
759 in Purple (F)759 in Purple (F)
759 in Red (F)759 in Red (F)
759 in Tan (F)759 in Tan (F)
764 in Black Stripes (F)764 in Black Stripes (F)
1 2

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