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Bifocal Reading Glasses | Reading Bifocals | Non Prescription

Bifocal Reading Glasses for Men
Bifocal Readers for Women

Bifocal lenses are clear on top. The magnification is only on the bottom part of the lens.

Are you having trouble reading your text messages? Do the images on your Blackberry look like they are under water?

If so, then be sure to visit all the pages listed in the left column for bifocal readers.

Whether they will be used indoors or outside, we are positive that you will find a style of non prescription bifocal reading glasses to match your needs.

Need non prescription bifocal eyeglasses? Purchase your reading bifocals, here!

Style 4370 & 4373 also come in bifocal sunglasses.


Lens Descriptions:

BF = bifocal  /  S = safety

Bifocal Reading Glasses | Reading Bifocals | Bifocal Readers

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Bifocal Reading Glasses Men
Bifocal Readers for Women

Bifocal Reading Glasses
have NO Magnification on Top Portion of the Lens

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