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Can you read the scoreboard unassisted? Great! Your distance vision is fine.

However, are you having trouble reading your text messages? Do the images on your smartphone or tablet look like they are under water?

If so, then you may need to visit all the pages listed in the above menu for "BIFOCALS -"

Bifocal reading glasses are clear on top. The magnification is only on the inner portion of the bottom lens.

Whether they will be used indoors or outside, we are positive that you will find a style of non prescription bifocal reading glasses to match your needs.

If you need non prescription bifocals, we hope that you will purchase your reading bifocals, here!


Lens Descriptions:

BF = bifocal  /  S = safety

Clear Glasses with Bifocals | Bifocal Readers

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Bifocal Reading Glasses Men
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Reading Bifocals
have NO Magnification on Top Portion of the Lens

Other Bifocal Lens Options

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