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Computer Reading Glasses

Millions of us work at a monitor all day and sometimes into the night.

Our anti glare readers help with visual comfort. The anti reflective coating provides relief from hours of looking into and being surrounded by glaring light. Our anti glare computer glasses for women and men will help you feel less tired and more relaxed at the end of your shift.

Reading Glasses for Computer. All styles on this page have anti reflective coating - or an AR coating - on the lenses, some are clear while others are tinted yellow or amber.

We also carry plain lenses for people with normal vision.
  • Twist One frames are available with 0.00 (or no magnification) AND as readers. In addition to computer glasses, the no power, amber lenses can also be used as anti glare glasses for night driving. The lenses help reduce eye fatigue from approaching vehicles and overhead street lights.

Computer Glasses

Strength of magnification: +0.00 to +3.00

Lens Description:

C =
computer  /  F = full lens /  T = tinted

Glasses for Computer Use | Anti Reflective Coating | Glasses for Eye Fatigue

Visual Comfort, AR Coating on Glasses for Computer Use:

Anti Blue Light Glasses with Clear Lenses,
Yellow Tinted Glasses or Amber Lenses
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