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Pocket Reading Glasses

Collapsible Reading Glasses ... Like having a contortionist in your pocket!

Our FOLDING GLASSES are the right size for pocket or purse. When you need a little more space, fold away eyeglasses are the perfect choice.

All folding readers come with a case. Some have a clip to place them at-the-ready for easy access. Attach the clip to your pocket, brief case, duffel, messenger bag or handbag.

Take your compact reading glasses with you everywhere. They are perfect fold up travel glasses and make a wonderful bon voyage gift.

We carry the world famous Slender Eyes and Mini-Fold brands that have Corning brand glass lenses. These are known as the best folding reading eyeglasses for a reason.

Fold up collapsible readers are twistable, compact and very portable. Don't forget to get a pair of these pocket size fold away readers to keep on hand as they fit in the smallest places.

Folding eyeglasses are origami-like and just amazing.

Italian Folding Reading Glasses

  • TWIST One. VERY LIMITED COLORS - and only in power +1.00.
  • Compact 1 and Compact 2A100% Made In Italy The temples pivot and are made of Grilamid TR90. Thus, making them lightweight and flexible.


Reading Glasses Power +0.50 to + 6.00

Lens Description:

C = computer  /  F = full lens /  T = tinted

Collapsable Reading Glasses

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308 in Black (F)308 in Black (F)
308 in Gold (F)308 in Gold (F)
308 in Gunmetal (F)308 in Gunmetal (F)
503 in Crystal (F)503 in Crystal (F)
503 in Matt Black (F)503 in Matt Black (F)
503 in Matt Grey (F)503 in Matt Grey (F)
Compact 1 in Azure (F)Compact 1 in Azure (F)
Compact 1 in Black (F)Compact 1 in Black (F)
Compact 1 in Blue (F)Compact 1 in Blue (F)
Compact 1 in Brown (F)Compact 1 in Brown (F)
Compact 1 in Crystal  (F)Compact 1 in Crystal (F)
Compact 1 in Fuchsia  (F)Compact 1 in Fuchsia (F)
Compact 1 in Green Water (F)Compact 1 in Green Water (F)
Compact 1 in Grey (F)Compact 1 in Grey (F)
Compact 1 in Light Green (F)Compact 1 in Light Green (F)
Compact 1 in Red (F)Compact 1 in Red (F)
Compact 1 in Teal (F)Compact 1 in Teal (F)
Compact 1 in Tortoise (F)Compact 1 in Tortoise (F)
Compact 1 in Violet (F)Compact 1 in Violet (F)
Compact 1 in Yellow (F)Compact 1 in Yellow (F)
Compact 2A in Black (F)Compact 2A in Black (F)
Compact 2A in Blue (F)Compact 2A in Blue (F)
Compact 2A in Crystal (F)Compact 2A in Crystal (F)
Compact 2A in Green Water (F)Compact 2A in Green Water (F)
Compact 2A in Grey (F)Compact 2A in Grey (F)
Compact 2A in Red (F)Compact 2A in Red (F)
Compact 2A in Tortoise (F)Compact 2A in Tortoise (F)
FR100 in Black XL (F)FR100 in Black XL (F)
FR100 in Bronze XL (F)FR100 in Bronze XL (F)
FR100 in Gunmetal XL (F)FR100 in Gunmetal XL (F)
MR1 in Black (F)MR1 in Black (F)
MR1 in Gold (F)MR1 in Gold (F)
MR1 in Gold with black case (F)MR1 in Gold with black case (F)
PFR-30 in Black (F)PFR-30 in Black (F)
PFR-30 in Gold (F)PFR-30 in Gold (F)
PFR-30 in Gunmetal (F)PFR-30 in Gunmetal (F)
Slender Eyes in Gold (F)Slender Eyes in Gold (F)
Slender Eyes in Gunmetal (F)Slender Eyes in Gunmetal (F)
Spec Fold in Antique Silver (F)Spec Fold in Antique Silver (F)
Spyder (F)Spyder (F)
Twist One READ in Coconut Brown (F)Twist One READ in Coconut Brown (F)
Twist One READ in Cyan Blue (F)Twist One READ in Cyan Blue (F)
Twist One READ in Flame Red (F)Twist One READ in Flame Red (F)
Twist One READ in Lilac Purple (F)Twist One READ in Lilac Purple (F)
Twist One READ in Snow White (F)Twist One READ in Snow White (F)
Twist One READ in Vegas Yellow (F)Twist One READ in Vegas Yellow (F)

Collapsible Reading Glasses

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