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power: 1.00 or 3.50

color: blue or tortoise

width: 4.9 up to 6.0

height: 0.75 up to 2.25 

frame: aviator, rimless, oversized, saddle bridge

Polarized - BIFOCALS
Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses

Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses - Bifocal Polarized

Polarized Reading Glasses

Our bifocal polarized readers minimize glare and ease eye strain. Polarized sunglasses bifocals let you see your score card and read by the pool.

Polarized lenses block horizontal light and reduce glare. All of our polarized bifocal sunglasses provide 100% UVA UVB protection.

Bifocal Polarized Sunglasses for Men | Bifocal Polarized Sunglasses for Women


magnification for reading +1.50 to +3.00

BF = bifocal  /  P = polarized  /  S = safety

Bifocal Polarized - Polarized Sunglasses Bifocals

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10 in Black (BF/P/S)
11 in Gunmetal (BF/P/S)
12 in Gunmetal (BF/P/S)
13 in Black (BF/P/S)
470 in Grey (BF/P)
470 in Tortoise Shell (BF/P)
471 in Charcoal (BF/P)
471 in Tortoise Shell (BF/P)
472 in Black (BF/P)
472 in Tortoise Shell (BF/P)
473 in Black (BF/P)
473 in Tortoise Shell (BF/P)
474 in Black Brown (BF/P)
474 in Black Grey (BF/P)
475 in Tortoise Shell (BF/P)
476 in Gold (BF/P)
476 in Gun Amber (BF/P)
476 in Gun Metal (BF/P)
477 in Gold (BF/P)
477 in Gun Amber (BF/P)
477 in Gun Metal (BF/P)
5 in Tortoise Shell (BF/P/S)
7 in Tortoise Shell (BF/P/S)
Araya in Black Blue (BF/M/P)
Araya in Black Green (BF/M/P)
Araya in Black Grey (BF/P)
Atlas in Black (BF/P)
Atlas in Tortoise Shell (BF/P)
Aviator in Gold (BF/P)
Aviator in Gunmetal (BF/P)
Breton in Tortoise Amber (BF/P)
Breton in Tortoise Blue (BF/M/P)
Breton in Tortoise Green (BF/M/P)
Breton in Tortoise Grey (BF/P)
Carabelle in Black Blue (BF/M/P)
Carabelle in Black Green (BF/M/P)
Carabelle in Black Grey (BF/P)
Conductor in Black (BF/P)
Conductor in Tortoise Shell (BF/P)
Cookie in Black (BF/P)
Cookie in Tortoise Shell (BF/P)
Curlew in Black Amber (BF/P)
Curlew in Black Blue (BF/M/P)
Curlew in Black Green (BF/M/P)
FX in Gunmetal Grey (BF/P)
Latitude in Gunmetal Grey (BF/P)
Longitude in Gun Grey (BF/P)
Mystic in Black (BF/P)
Mystic in Tortoise Shell (BF/P)
SX in Charcoal (BF/P)
SX in Umber (BF/P)
Timbalier in White Blue (BF/M/P)
Timbalier in White Green (BF/M/P)
Timbalier in White Grey (BF/P)
Tropic in Black (BF/P)
Tropic in Tortoise Shell (BF/P)
Tuscadero in Pink Blue (BF/M/P)
Tuscadero in Pink Green (BF/M/P)
Tuscadero in Pink Grey (BF/P)
TX in Black (BF/P)
TX in Brown (BF/P)
UX in Black (BF/P)
Vieux Carre in Black Amber (BF/P)
Vieux Carre in Black Blue (BF/M/P)
Vieux Carre in Black Green (BF/M/P)
Vieux Carre in Black Grey (BF/P)
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Bifocal Polarized Sunglasses for Men | Bifocal Polarized Sunglasses for Women

100% uva uvb protection

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