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Bifocal Safety Glasses | ANSI | z87

 ANSI Safety Glasses and Sunglasses

Does your job require you to wear safety glasses? 

But what if you really need to read the gauges and fine print? Then bifocal safety glasses are a must.

Look no further! Buy your safety readers here. Our bifocal safety reading glasses will keep your eyes protected on the job. The added bonus is that you will be able to use your bifocal safety glasses to read, too!

These bifocal reading safety glasses are perfect away from work as well. Use these magnifying safety lens while participating in your favorite hobbies, such as carpentry projects or painting around wood trim. Buy ANSI safety lenses and ANSI bifocal safety sunglasses from a trusted source.

We carry safety bifocal sunglasses and polarized safety glasses. Our magnification safety glasses provide the protection that meets the ANSI standards and that lets you read, too! Hurray!

Do you need foam lined safety readers to keep out airborne dust, dirt and pollen? We have those, also.

    All safety eye glasses and tinted bifocal safety glasses with readers meet the ANSI standards.


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    Safety Glasses with Bifocal | Safety Sunglasses with Readers

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    Bi Focal Safety Glasses with Magnification Meet ANSI Standards

    FYI: Because the shatterproof polycarbonate eye protection is softer than glass, the safety readers lenses will scratch more easily. For greater longevity, keep your safety eye glasses covered when not in use.

    A customer wrote in and said that she keeps a pair of safety bifocals in her tackle box - cushioned within a tube sock.

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