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power: 1.00 or 3.50

color: blue or tortoise

width: 4.9" up to 6.0"

height: 0.75" up to 2.25" 

other: anti reflective, aviator, computer, rimless, oversized, saddle bridge, tube

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Reader Glasses | Single Vision Glasses Online

Single Vision Glasses for Reading

Aging gives us enough wrinkles. So, if you are squinting, stop already!

You Deserve Better Eye Vision with Clear, Full Lens Magnification Glasses Online

Reading glasses come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

We have a wide selection of quality reader glasses for you to choose from. Eyeglasses frames with a full frame lens, deliver a crisp clear image. We carry readers in varying sizes and magnifications. We are sure that you will find the right quality reader glasses.

We carry stylish, fashion reading glasses so you can see better and look yor best.

Single vision styles have magnification on the full lens.

Find a pair to match your needs and fashion style.
Purchase your glasses online now.


We have the reader glasses you need!

glasses magnification from +0.00 - +6.00

F = full lens / N = no power

Part 1 - Glasses Frames with Single Vision Lenses

Sort By:
1106 in Gold (F)1106 in Gold (F)
1106 in Gunmetal (F)1106 in Gunmetal (F)
1110-C in Gold (F)1110-C in Gold (F)
1110-C in Gunmetal (F)1110-C in Gunmetal (F)
1140 in Black (F)1140 in Black (F)
2013 in Blue (F)2013 in Blue (F)
2013 in Brown (F)2013 in Brown (F)
2013 in Green (F)2013 in Green (F)
2013 in Orange (F)2013 in Orange (F)
204 in Black (F)204 in Black (F)
204 in Brown (F)204 in Brown (F)
204 in Navy (F)204 in Navy (F)
204 in Red (F)204 in Red (F)
2051 in Black (F)2051 in Black (F)
2051 in Black Mutli (F)2051 in Black Mutli (F)
2051 in Purple (F)2051 in Purple (F)
2051 in Red (F)2051 in Red (F)
2052 in Black Multi (F)2052 in Black Multi (F)
2052 in Purple (F)2052 in Purple (F)
2052 in Red (F)2052 in Red (F)
2053 in Tortoise Shell (F)2053 in Tortoise Shell (F)
2055 in Tortoise Shell (F)2055 in Tortoise Shell (F)
2058 in Snake (F)2058 in Snake (F)
2058 in Snow Leopard (F)2058 in Snow Leopard (F)
2058 in Zebra (F)2058 in Zebra (F)
2059 in Black Gold Stripes (F)2059 in Black Gold Stripes (F)
2059 in Black White Stripes (F)2059 in Black White Stripes (F)
2059 in Pink White Stripes (F)2059 in Pink White Stripes (F)
2059 in Red White Stripes (F)2059 in Red White Stripes (F)
2059 in Tortoise White Stripes (F)2059 in Tortoise White Stripes (F)
2059 in White Black Stripes (F)2059 in White Black Stripes (F)
3037 in Red (F)3037 in Red (F)
31713 in Blue (F)31713 in Blue (F)
31713 in Orange (F)31713 in Orange (F)
31713 in Pink (F)31713 in Pink (F)
31713 in Purple (F)31713 in Purple (F)
346 in Black (F)346 in Black (F)
346 in Brown (F)346 in Brown (F)
346 in Wine (F)346 in Wine (F)
400 in Beige Stripes (F)400 in Beige Stripes (F)
430 in Brown (F)430 in Brown (F)
430 in Charcoal (F)430 in Charcoal (F)
430 in Green (F)430 in Green (F)
430 in Red (F)430 in Red (F)
4365 in Black (F)4365 in Black (F)
4365 in Champagne (F)4365 in Champagne (F)
4366 in Cherry (F)4366 in Cherry (F)
4366 in Grape (F)4366 in Grape (F)
4367 in Amber (F)4367 in Amber (F)
4367 in Blue (F)4367 in Blue (F)
4367 in Green (F)4367 in Green (F)
4367 in White (F)4367 in White (F)
4368 in Black Red (F)4368 in Black Red (F)
4368 in Brown (F)4368 in Brown (F)
4368 in Green (F)4368 in Green (F)
4369 in Brown (F)4369 in Brown (F)
4371 in Black Tortoise (F)4371 in Black Tortoise (F)
4371 in Tortoise Blue (F)4371 in Tortoise Blue (F)
4371 in Tortoise Pink (F)4371 in Tortoise Pink (F)
4372 in Black Tortoise (F)4372 in Black Tortoise (F)
4372 in Tortoise Green (F)4372 in Tortoise Green (F)
4372 in Tortoise Shell (F)4372 in Tortoise Shell (F)
4376 in Brown (F)4376 in Brown (F)
4376 in Red (F)4376 in Red (F)
4376 in Wood (F)4376 in Wood (F)
5078 in Silver (F)5078 in Silver (F)
613 in Charcoal (F)613 in Charcoal (F)
613 in Tortoise Shell (F)613 in Tortoise Shell (F)
613 in Wine (F)613 in Wine (F)
616 in Black (F)616 in Black (F)
616 in Grey (F)616 in Grey (F)
616 in Tortoise Shell (F)616 in Tortoise Shell (F)
635 in Black and Grey (F)635 in Black and Grey (F)
636 in Black (F)636 in Black (F)
636 in Blue Pink (F)636 in Blue Pink (F)
636 in Caramel (F)636 in Caramel (F)
6501 in Black (F)6501 in Black (F)
6501 in Purple (F)6501 in Purple (F)
6501 in Red (F)6501 in Red (F)
6998 in Glossy Black (F/C)6998 in Glossy Black (F/C)
721 in Ebony (F)721 in Ebony (F)
721 in Tortoise Shell (F)721 in Tortoise Shell (F)
725 in Black (F)725 in Black (F)
725 in Pink (F)725 in Pink (F)
728 in Brown (F)728 in Brown (F)
728 in Grey (F)728 in Grey (F)
728 in Tan (F)728 in Tan (F)
729 in Blue (F)729 in Blue (F)
729 in Purple (F)729 in Purple (F)
729 in Yellow Stripes (F)729 in Yellow Stripes (F)
730 in Blue (F)730 in Blue (F)
730 in Pink (F)730 in Pink (F)
730 in Yellow (F)730 in Yellow (F)
731 in Blue (F)731 in Blue (F)
731 in Chocolate (F)731 in Chocolate (F)
731 in Violet (F)731 in Violet (F)
732 in Coral Orange (F)732 in Coral Orange (F)
733 in Grey (F)733 in Grey (F)
1 2

Part 2 - Reader Vision Glasses Online - Full Frame Lens

Sort By:
758 in Black Houndstooth (F)758 in Black Houndstooth (F)
758 in Brown Houndstooth (F)758 in Brown Houndstooth (F)
758 in Red Houndstooth (F)758 in Red Houndstooth (F)
758 in Violet Houndstooth (F)758 in Violet Houndstooth (F)
759 in Blue (F)759 in Blue (F)
759 in Purple (F)759 in Purple (F)
759 in Red (F)759 in Red (F)
759 in Tan (F)759 in Tan (F)
760 in Blue (F)760 in Blue (F)
760 in Gold (F)760 in Gold (F)
760 in Purple (F)760 in Purple (F)
760 in Silver (F)760 in Silver (F)
761 in Black Gold (F)761 in Black Gold (F)
761 in Black Red (F)761 in Black Red (F)
761 in Black Violet (F)761 in Black Violet (F)
762 in Black (F)762 in Black (F)
762 in Blue (F)762 in Blue (F)
762 in Patterns (F)762 in Patterns (F)
762 in Plaid (F)762 in Plaid (F)
763 in Checks (F)763 in Checks (F)
763 in Plaid (F)763 in Plaid (F)
763 in Stripes (F)763 in Stripes (F)
764 in Black Stripes (F)764 in Black Stripes (F)
764 in Blue Stripes (F)764 in Blue Stripes (F)
764 in Brown Stripes (F)764 in Brown Stripes (F)
764 in Red Stripes (F)764 in Red Stripes (F)
7747 in Black Argyle (F)7747 in Black Argyle (F)
7747 in Blue Argyle (F)7747 in Blue Argyle (F)
7749 in Black (F)7749 in Black (F)
7749 in Blue (F)7749 in Blue (F)
7749 in Brown (F)7749 in Brown (F)
7749 in Red (F)7749 in Red (F)
7756 in Black (F)7756 in Black (F)
7756 in Blue (F)7756 in Blue (F)
7756 in Red (F)7756 in Red (F)
7756 in Violet (F)7756 in Violet (F)
790 in Cheetah (F)790 in Cheetah (F)
790 in Tiger (F)790 in Tiger (F)
798 in Black (F)798 in Black (F)
798 in Gold (F)798 in Gold (F)
8004 in Amber (F)8004 in Amber (F)
8004 in Aqua (F)8004 in Aqua (F)
8004 in Black (F)8004 in Black (F)
8004 in Blue (F)8004 in Blue (F)
8004 in Wine (F)8004 in Wine (F)
8010 in Amber (F/N)8010 in Amber (F/N)
8010 in Blue (F/N)8010 in Blue (F/N)
8010 in Blue Red (F/N)8010 in Blue Red (F/N)
8010 in Green (F/N)8010 in Green (F/N)
8010 in Purple (F/N)8010 in Purple (F/N)
8034 in Black (F)8034 in Black (F)
8034 in Red (F)8034 in Red (F)
8034 in Tortoise Shell (F)8034 in Tortoise Shell (F)
808 in Tangerine (F)808 in Tangerine (F)
808 in Wine (F)808 in Wine (F)
812 in Black (F)812 in Black (F)
812 in Gold (F)812 in Gold (F)
812 in Purple (F)812 in Purple (F)
813 in Brown (F)813 in Brown (F)
813 in Green (F)813 in Green (F)
813 in Red (F)813 in Red (F)
813 in Tangerine (F)813 in Tangerine (F)
816 in Onyx (F)816 in Onyx (F)
822 in Black (F)822 in Black (F)
822 in Copper (F)822 in Copper (F)
822 in Coral (F)822 in Coral (F)
842-XL in Black (F)842-XL in Black (F)
842-XL in Brown (F)842-XL in Brown (F)
842-XL in Gunmetal Red (F)842-XL in Gunmetal Red (F)
842-XL in Steel Blue (F)842-XL in Steel Blue (F)
843 in Amber (F)843 in Amber (F)
843 in Amber XL (F)843 in Amber XL (F)
843 in Black (F)843 in Black (F)
843 in Black XL (F)843 in Black XL (F)
844 in Bronze XL (F)844 in Bronze XL (F)
845 in Black (F)845 in Black (F)
845 in Brown (F)845 in Brown (F)
845 in Gunmetal (F)845 in Gunmetal (F)
850 in Oreo (F)850 in Oreo (F)
850 in Tortoise Pink (F)850 in Tortoise Pink (F)
851 in Black Olive (F)851 in Black Olive (F)
851 in Honey Pearl (F)851 in Honey Pearl (F)
854 in Ebony (F)854 in Ebony (F)
854 Toasted Caramel (F)854 Toasted Caramel (F)
857 in Red  (F)857 in Red (F)
857 in Tortoise Shell  (F)857 in Tortoise Shell (F)
857 in Wine (F)857 in Wine (F)
882 Clip in Gold (F/P)882 Clip in Gold (F/P)
882 Clip in Gunmetal (F/P)882 Clip in Gunmetal (F/P)
900 in Black XL  (F)900 in Black XL (F)
900 in Bronze XL (F)900 in Bronze XL (F)
Bottero in Red (F)Bottero in Red (F)
Buddy in Black (F)Buddy in Black (F)
Buddy in Tortoise (F)Buddy in Tortoise (F)
Cabriolet in Black (F & N)Cabriolet in Black (F & N)
Cabriolet in Gold (F & N)Cabriolet in Gold (F & N)
Coupe in Black (F & N)Coupe in Black (F & N)
Coupe in Gold (F & N)Coupe in Gold (F & N)
1 2

Single Vision Glasses for Reading equals Magnification on the Entire Lens

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