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power: 1.00 or 3.50

color: blue or tortoise

width: 4.9 up to 6.0

height: 0.75 up to 2.25 

frame: aviator, rimless, oversized, saddle bridge

Fit Over - FRAMES
Fit Over Frames | Over Rx | Over Glasses Sunglasses

Fitover Frames - Fit Over Sunglasses - Polarized Fit Overs

Tinted frames go over your existing reading/prescription glasses.

Fit Over Frames

You finally found the perfect pair of glasses but still want to have sunglasses. Try our wear over frame style.

These over Rx frames fit over your other glasses - both prescription eyeglasses and reading glasses - or can be worn on their own.

Their wrap around style helps to reduce eye strain. Sunglasses that fit over your current glasses or reading glasses

Fit Overs - Sunglasses that Fit Over Glasses - Over Glasses Sunglasses

100% UV Protection

FO = fit over  /  N = no power  /  P = polarized  /  S = safety / T = tinted

Over Glasses - Over Rx
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Wraparound Sunglasses Over Glasses | Fit Over Rx Sunglasses

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