Fit Over Sunglasses | Over Glasses Sunglasses

Fit Over Sunglasses - Fit Over Polarized Sunglasses
Over Glasses Safety Glasses

Tinted lenses to wear alone or to wear over your existing reading or prescription glasses.

Sunglasses Over Glasses

You finally found the perfect pair of glasses but still want to have sunglasses. Try our over glasses sunglasses. Their wrap around frame helps to reduce eye strain.

These over RX frames fit on top of your other glasses - both prescription eyeglasses and readers.

Sunglasses that fit over prescription glasses or reading eyeglasses. Cover Over Sunglasses offer 100% UV Protection with NO Power - so you can also wear them on their own.

We even carry styles that have polarized lenses, fit over sunglasses with bling and over glasses safety glasses.

Wrap Around Sunglasses Over Glasses

Lens Descriptions:

B = bifocal     FO = fit over    G = gradient tint  /  N = no power  /  P = polarized 

S = safety   /   T = tinted

Newest Styles:

Cover Over Glasses Sunglasses - Over RX Sunglasses - Fitovers
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43199 in Black Amber (FO/N/P)43199 in Black Amber (FO/N/P)
43199 in Black Copper (FO/N/P)43199 in Black Copper (FO/N/P)
43199 in Black Grey (FO/N/P)43199 in Black Grey (FO/N/P)
43199 in Charcoal Grey (FO/N/P)43199 in Charcoal Grey (FO/N/P)
43199 in Red Swirl (FO/N/P)43199 in Red Swirl (FO/N/P)
43199 in Root Beer Amber (FO/N/P)43199 in Root Beer Amber (FO/N/P)
4599 in Black Amber (FO/N/P/S)4599 in Black Amber (FO/N/P/S)
4599 in Black Grey (FO/N/P/S)4599 in Black Grey (FO/N/P/S)
4599 in Blue (FO/N/P/S)4599 in Blue (FO/N/P/S)
4599 in Brown (FO/N/P/S)4599 in Brown (FO/N/P/S)
4599 in Charcoal (FO/N/P/S)4599 in Charcoal (FO/N/P/S)
5026 in Yellow (FO/N/S)5026 in Yellow (FO/N/S)
541064 in Black (FO/N/P/S)541064 in Black (FO/N/P/S)
541064 in Matte Black (FO/N/P/S)541064 in Matte Black (FO/N/P/S)
6000 in Blue Mirror (FO/N/S/T)6000 in Blue Mirror (FO/N/S/T)
6000 in Copper (FO/N/S/T)6000 in Copper (FO/N/S/T)
6000 in Green (FO/N/S/T)6000 in Green (FO/N/S/T)
6000 in Green Mirror (FO/N/S/T)6000 in Green Mirror (FO/N/S/T)
6000 in Silver Mirror (FO/N/S/T)6000 in Silver Mirror (FO/N/S/T)
6000 in Smoke (FO/N/S/T)6000 in Smoke (FO/N/S/T)
6000 in Yellow (FO/N/S/T)6000 in Yellow (FO/N/S/T)
6512 in Black Amber (FO/N/P)6512 in Black Amber (FO/N/P)
7088 in Black (FO/N/P)7088 in Black (FO/N/P)
7088 in Wine (FO/N/P)7088 in Wine (FO/N/P)
7096 in Gloss Black Grey (FO/N/P)7096 in Gloss Black Grey (FO/N/P)
7096 in Gloss Black Yellow (FO/N/P)7096 in Gloss Black Yellow (FO/N/P)
7096 in Gloss Tortoise Yellow (FO/N/P)7096 in Gloss Tortoise Yellow (FO/N/P)
7096 in Matte Black Grey (FO/N/P)7096 in Matte Black Grey (FO/N/P)
7096 in Matte Black Yellow (FO/N/P)7096 in Matte Black Yellow (FO/N/P)
7096 in Tortoise Shell Amber (FO/N/P)7096 in Tortoise Shell Amber (FO/N/P)
7663 in Gloss Black (FO/N/T)7663 in Gloss Black (FO/N/T)
7663 in Matte Black (FO/N/T)7663 in Matte Black (FO/N/T)
7986 in Glossy Black (B/FO/G)7986 in Glossy Black (B/FO/G)
7986 in Matte Black (B/FO/G)7986 in Matte Black (B/FO/G)
7986 in Tortoise Shell (B/FO/G)7986 in Tortoise Shell (B/FO/G)
Camo Spex 6 in Brown Grey (FO/N/P/S)Camo Spex 6 in Brown Grey (FO/N/P/S)
Camo Spex 6 in Green Grey (FO/N/P/S)Camo Spex 6 in Green Grey (FO/N/P/S)

Sunglasses that Fit Over Glasses

Safety Glasses Over Glasses | Fit Over Glasses Sunglasses

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